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Project Resources

Inter-Nation Trade & Commerce: Community Booklet

This booklet outlines key discussion areas around tobacco, trade, and commerce including: tobacco as a gift from Creation, and as a community economic driver; protection for First Peoples/Nations; reclamation of our economies; and political standards. Definitions of key terms utilized in our work are also included.

Summit Report – Taking Our Place: Resistance & Recovery

The Taking Our Place: Resistance & Recovery Summit brought together leadership and key community players for discussions on restoring our true places in Creation. The Summit was an opportunity to discuss the work achieved through the tobacco & law-making initiative and further our focus on strengthening our abilities to regenerate our Communities. Read the report to gain learn about our work and directions established.

Presentation: Project Overview (Summit Oct. 2022)

This presentation was given at the Creating Systemic Change Summit in October 2022. It outlines project foundations and feedback received drawing a picture of long-term goals, directions forward, and work planned.

Presentation Slides: Project Overview (Summit Oct. 2021)

This presentation was provided at the Taking Our Place: Resistance & Recovery Summit in October 2021. It outlines information on the Tobacco & Law-making Initiative including project origins, achievements, findings & positions, and directions forward.

Inter-Nation Trade Protocol

The Inter-Nation Trade Protocol sets the foundation for sharing of information and knowledge between the AIAI member First Nations. The Protocol was adopted in November 2020 by the General Assembly. A ceremony and feast took place to bring to document to life took place in October 2021.

Community Foundations: Presentation Slide

AIAI_Tobacco_Final_April22_2021 Chiefs Voices

Download this resource to hear leadership speaking to common priorities pertaining to tobacco, trade, & commerce.

Tobacco Origins Videos

Tobacco Origins (Haudenosaunee) – Mike Myers (Video)

Tobacco Origins (Lenape) – Kaylene Noah (Video)